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Joel Meyerowitz and Maggie Barrett

Photographer Joel Meyerowitz and writer Maggie Barrett talk about their life together, and their collaboration on their new book Provence: A Lasting Impression.  Their honesty, about the pleasures and challenges of their creative partnership in life and in art, is an inspiration.
Joel has also just published Taking My Time, a retrospective of his 50 years taking photographs, including his early street photography, his beautiful landscapes of Cape Cod and Tuscany, and his powerful photographs of the aftermath of 9/11 at the site of the World Trade Center.  In Studio 360 in 2002, Joel spoke about the experience of documenting the destruction as well as the extraordinary efforts of the people who cleared the site and payed homage to those who were lost.  Here's that interview:

To read more about Joel and Maggie, and to see more photographs, visit their blog, Flying the Coop or Joel's Facebook page.


 The photo of Provence is by Joel Meyerowitz.  The music in the podcast is by Delgarma, via WFMU's Free Music Archive.


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